Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney


If you have decided to put some order in your business and finally accept the fact that estate planning is something that most of us would prefer to be entitled to, the next thing to which you might be wondering, it's how to choose a estate planning lawyer. The first thing to remember is that your estate planning lawyer is a person with whom you will share a lot of personal information. At the end of the day, whatever your choices, you should feel comfortable talking to him about your needs and concerns and, if not, he / she is not the right lawyer. for you. Your lawyer is your legal confidant and is required to take your trust with them beyond their own estate plan, which is a shortcut as they must take your secrets with you. But no matter what their duty, if you do not feel comfortable telling them what you need at the beginning. If you start to feel uncomfortable talking to your prospective estate planning expert, you should start shopping elsewhere.

The second thing to consider is that not all lawyers are created equal with respect to their estate planning abilities. A good first step in finding a lawyer who is right for you is to ask people you already know and trust. Ask your church leader, doctor, and friends if they have ever used a real estate planner and ask them what they think about that person. If you receive a recommendation, do not stop there. Check out your candidate candidates for the law firm on Martindale Hubbell ( to find out where they went to school, how long they worked and in which areas of law they specialized. Of course, these answers do not tell you everything you need to know about your potential confidante, but it is better to have some information than to go blind in the world of lawyers. If the lawyer you have been referred to does not specialize in estate planning, you may not want this lawyer to create a financial plan for you and your family.

Another good way to find a lawyer or estate planning firm in your area is to consult the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys (NAELA) ( NAELA is a site visited by lawyers to keep abreast of issues related to seniors' rights and estate planning. It's also a great place to find a lawyer specializing in estate planning. On the NAELA website, you can enter your postal code and find lawyers specializing in elder law and estate planning, which include their contact information as well as an access plan. Once you have this list, you can refer to it with a Martindale Hubbell search and ask those you know they've heard about one of the lawyers on the list. On top of that, there are other good sites on the internet where you can gather information on the subject before meeting a real estate planner.

However, the best advice anyone can give is to find someone with whom you get along and with whom you feel comfortable sharing personal information. Do not forget that your estate planner is someone you can trust. they are people who will present and recommend legal options to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and who should be the kind of person who can ask you the right kind of questions for the work to be done and the kind of person you feel. respond to comfort. If you do not feel good about them, even if you do not seem to have a good relationship with them, it is probably best to look elsewhere for your planning needs. The key is to trust yourself as well as your instincts and feelings about your lawyer. Part of the service you buy is the ability to feel comfortable with how your estate planning will be managed and executed. So be sure to find someone who gives you the confidence to do business with a professional you can trust.

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