A student hates Trump and promises to vote for Clinton – Why? This may not surprise you much


Not long ago I met a nice and pleasant student who is studying at Starbucks, she is going to the local 4-year state university here. Well, I thought she was a nice, polite student until she started talking about her politics. Let me give you some insight into all of this because as a baby boomer, I’m frankly a little appalled at how entitled kids are to college these days.

You see she told me she wanted to vote for Bernie Sanders because she liked what he promised on health care and free college i.e. free college for all. Okay, a lot of people feel that way, but isn’t it just kinda self-serving – voting for someone to get free stuff that everyone else has to pay for? Of course, this vote-buying game is something Democrats get into early and often — and socialist candidates around the world use this strategy when they come to power as populist leaders.

Since then, Hillary Clinton is the nominee now, she said; “I definitely vote for Hillary!” and “I love what she stands for with gays, minorities, free health care and college”, in addition to being a Democratic candidate. I asked her what she thought of how the Clinton team and the DNC had worked to exclude her former favorite candidate, a very misleading and dishonest decision. She said; “It’s politics!” Really, a student suddenly thinks she knows everything about politics? Also, where the hell is his loyalty? No loyalty as long as she gets free tuition and doesn’t have to pay off student loans here.

And guess what, this feeling is not uncommon. Did you know that college loan defaults have skyrocketed since Democrats started talking about “free tuition” in that 2016 presidential election? It’s true, it jumped more than 10%. The Wall Street Journal in an article titled; “Over 40% of Student Borrowers Do Not Make Payments – New Figure Raises Fear Millions Never Repay More Than $200 Billion Owed,” by John Mitchell, April 2016. Well, thank you many Bernie and Hillary, thank you for undermining another important sector of our society. The article said:

“While most have since left school and joined the workforce, 43% of the roughly 22 million Americans with federal student loans were not making payments as of Jan. 1, according to a quarterly loan portfolio overview. $1.2 trillion students from the Department of Education.” and “About 1 in 6 borrowers, or 3.6 million, were in default on $56 billion in student debt, meaning they had spent at least a year without making a payment, 3 million more ahead of about $66 billion was at least a month behind.”

Since many of these student loans are taxpayer-backed and the rest are in the citizens’ equity portfolio, we are passing all current costs and past defaults onto older Americans. Finally, I would like to add something here. Any time the government helps create a “bubble” in any sector of our economy, it always doubles down and argues it, fails to rectify the problem, it’s going to be a disaster.

Also, if tuition becomes free and the government is involved, trust me; that’s all it’ll be worth. And are the Democrats busy attacking Donald Trump for his Trump University? Leave me alone. It’s time for Democrats to come clean about this problem they created and stop promising things they can’t deliver. Didn’t they learn from ObamaCare?

Source by Lance Winslow

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